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We believe every business owner deserves visuals that are as inspiring and innovative as they are.


A husband and wife team

With degrees in both art & design and computer science, and a passion for helping others recognize and own their value, we think we were made for this job.

We are currently navigating our first couple years of marriage, and do basically everything together, even working on this business. We’ve spent the last 4.5 years perfecting our design and development skills so that we can answer any question or concern you may have, offer a full start-to-finish design process, and make your vision for your dream website a reality.

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We have a dance party in our office every time a client tells us how ecstatic they feel about their new brand and website.

It never gets old empowering fellow business owners by giving them an online home that perfectly fits their premium offerings and shows off their personality.

We’ll be at every meeting with a cup of coffee, ready to chat about life, design, and what makes your business amazing. Our process is equal parts designing beautiful visuals for your business and getting to know you and what you’re all about, so when the final launch happens, you’ll be proud to show off your new brand and website to the world, and we’ll be your biggest cheerleaders, hyping up everything you do!

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CEO, lead designer, and customer care

I come from a family of creative business owners so I was raised with the knowledge that you absolutely can be successful at something you love to do. I’ve always excelled at art but when I went to college I was running away from the idea that all I had to offer the world was my art. It came full circle though, because I quickly realized that I have this drive to create for a reason and that I GET to use it as a way to contribute to the world. I wish I could tell my younger self, but I love telling my clients, lean into your gifts because THAT is what makes you unique. You make the world better by sharing your talents with your clients.

If you can’t tell from my podcast, I love to talk about all things career, entrepreneurship and design based. While we work together, just think of me as your personal design coach and business BFF, who’s probably seen and solved whatever issue you may be facing. Good thing you no longer have to face it alone. Any questions you can think of, whether it's about the design process, fonts, SEO, responsiveness, hosting, coding, website content, etc. I’ll tell you everything I know.

You can find me:

On my days off you can find me buying more house plants than I need, pursuing used book stores for vintage classics, practicing my watercolor painting skills, making up songs about Radley, and brainstorming my next big business goals. Let’s have a virtual coffee date. You bring the dog memes and your business plans, I’ll bring the cozy blankets and my best ideas.


  • Hot Tea & Coffee

  • Yoga & Dance

  • Collecting Pottery

  • Playing Guitar

  • Browsing Magazines


4 Wing 3



Lead Tech Support and Problem Solver

I started programming in 9th grade and was fascinated by how you could create anything you could think of from a few lines of code. After pursuing a computer science career, I realized I needed a creative outlet outside of my work. As luck would have it, I fell in love with a girl who had an overwhelming desire to start a graphic design business.

You can find me:

Cooking elaborate meals, reading history, horror and sci-fi, and dreaming up video game ideas


  • Tacos & Whiskey

  • Browsing Maps

  • Playing Video Games

  • Collecting Old Books

  • Playing Guitar


9 Wing 1



Human Resources and Office Assistant

After being rescued in the summer of 2012, I’ve joined Catryn on all of her adventures. I love modeling for any photo shoot, especially when new camera equipment is being tested, so you’re sure to see me all over the Sweet Horizon Instagram. I’m also the best office assistant, no matter what time of day Catryn is working, but I always make sure to get Catryn and Mike out of the house for at least one long walk a day.

You can find me:

Sleeping the day away in the comfiest spot in the house or finding the noisiest toys to play with during conference calls.


  • Squeaky tennis balls

  • Peanut Butter Treats

  • Outside Adventures


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