A Joyful Blush


Amanda came to us with an idea for a blog last summer and needed our help getting it started on the right track. The name, A Joyful Blush, shares the same monogram as Amanda’s name, so incorporating that into the branding was a must! With both custom branding and web design, we got to completely craft her venture from scratch!


Our main goal was to keep the brand and the blog for A Joyful Blush as approachable and inviting as possible. Our light, but vibrant, color palette really set the tone for the entire brand. The hand drawn leafy background pattern really sealed that beachy, playful vibe.


My favorite part was simply working with Catryn! Her kind demeanor is very welcoming through her voice, work style, and approach with her clients. In this process, I am not kidding when I say that she pulled out the soul and vision of my blog more than I ever could have. I knew what I wanted it to look like, but the way she brought it to life was better than my wildest dreams.


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