The Drawing Room



Sound like your business?

This pre-made brand comes with 9 hand lettered logo/monogram/sub-logo assets and 2 tiled brand patterns. We’ll customize the colors and text to match your business name and aesthetic.

The concept for The Drawing Room came from the revival of art deco/speakeasy style businesses. There is an opulence and notoriety that comes from having a business that isn’t afraid to be a bit daring and edgy. We also love that this brand toes the line between masculine and feminine energy.

What you’ll receive

Main Logo

Main Logo

Change the logo text to match your business name!

For all of our brands in our shop, we’ll put your business name into the logo style that you see in the images. For this brand, there is both the smaller serif text used for the words “The” and “Tattoo Shop” as well as the hand drawn, bubbled serif lettering for the words “Drawing Room”. You’ll be able to tell us exactly what words you want in both typography styles.

Sub Logos

Sub Logos

Customize your secondary logo and sub-logos to round out your branding!

The Drawing Room comes with 6 different sub-logo options and you’ll be able to use your favorites throughout your website and branded materials. Each will be customized to match your business name and your personal details.

Patterns & Backgrounds

Patterns & Backgrounds

This brand comes with 2 individual background patterns!

The two patterns for this brand are vintage tile patterns created by using the brand embellishments. These will repeat seamlessly so that you can use them as backgrounds throughout your website and branded materials.

Brand Assets

Brand Assets

The Drawing Room comes with 2 additional brand marks

These brand assets use the brand iconography without the monogram or the business name. They make for lovely little extras and embellishments throughout your branded materials.

Color & Typography Suggestions

Colors & Typography

This brand does not come with 3rd party fonts

Since most fonts require on-going subscriptions or purchase from the original creator, we do NOT include font files within the purchase of this brand. However, we do include suggestions for best font pairings and links to purchase them yourself.

All colors within the brand style can change based on your preferences so that your logo, assets, and patterns fit perfectly into your business aesthetic.

Launch in Days

No. 01

Purchase A Brand

Find the semi-custom brand that best fits your vision for your business

No. 02

Answer Questionnaires

After purchase, you’ll receive access to a series of questionnaires to help us customize your new brand

No. 03

Access Files

In about a week Catryn will send you your new brand files and show you how to use them

No. 04

Enjoy Your New Brand!

Now you’ll have a new, professionally designed brand to use to your heart’s content!

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