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Ready to make a big change? I'm talking building-your-dream-house type change? Just think of us as your digital architects because we are about to build you your dream online home for your blog or business!

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What's the difference between buying a pre-made brand and booking for custom branding?

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Our pre-made brands are already designed and ready to be customized, meaning that as soon as you buy your favorite brand from our shop, we'll reach out to you to get all the info about your business and plug your details into the style of the brand you purchased. You'll get your brand files in about 1 week. When you book with us for custom branding, we work with you for 5-7 weeks to create a completely unique and truly individual style for your brand. No one else will have a brand that looks quite like yours and we tailor everything to meet your specific business needs!

Why is a pre-made brand cheaper than a custom brand?

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The main reason is that pre-made brands are meant to be purchased multiple times while custom brands are designed solely for that individual client. Since the pre-made brands are, well, pre-made, we only have to change out the text and color scheme to meet your specifications, saving both you and us time and money. Custom branding is a 5-7week process (typically) and we are completely focused on building you a brand from scratch that fits your unique style and desired aesthetic.

Do I have to stick with the pre-made brand color scheme?

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Absolutely not! The color scheme you see in the images for each pre-made brand is just a suggestion but can totally change to match the look and feel for your business! If you like the colors we chose, that's awesome! But if not, you'll be able to tell us what colors you prefer to use within the questionnaire that you'll receive after purchase via email.

How long after purchasing a pre-made brand will it take to hear from you?

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You should receive the brand questionnaire the same day you purchase a pre-made brand from the shop. This questionnaire will get all the info about your business that we need in order to customize your new brand for you. If you don't receive this email within 48 hours, we encourage you to contact us by email at Once you've submitted your questionnaire answers, we'll send your final files via email in about 1 weeks time.

How quick is your turnaround time for custom work?

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This is really dependent on the scale of the project but we include estimated/typical timelines on our Services Page.

Before we start any custom project, we like to first meet with you and hear about your vision for your new brand or website. Then, in our project proposal, we will include a week by week breakdown of how we expect the timeline and workflow to go.

Is the initial "Get to know you" meeting free?

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Absolutely! We schedule this meeting to (obviously) get to know you, hear about your project ideas, and to see if we would be a good fit to work together. We don't discuss design concepts or ideas at this stage so there is no cost to schedule a meeting with us.

Does my brand have to match your brand?

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No way! If you book a custom branding project with us, it will match your individual aesthetic and personality. In fact, we love brands that push us outside of our typical style. Check out the range of brands we've created on our Portfolio Page.

What if I'm not sure what package is right for me?

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You're in luck, because we have a Package Picker Quiz that can be the perfect place to start if you are unsure about what exactly you are needing for your blog or business. If you still aren't sure, contact us and we'll be happy to chat with you about it.

Do you help with SEO?

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SEO is a very dense and ongoing process. While we do coach all of our web clients on how to maintain great SEO standing, most of this involves the content that you upload or add to your site. However, we do code all of our sites to be as SEO friendly as possible and we always include some SEO guidelines in our final website video guides.

What program do you use to design your Monthly Moodboards?


We love how popular our monthly moodboards are on The Blog! We use Adobe InDesign for almost all of our layout work (since that's what it does best), but any program with layering capabilities can be used if you want to do your own moodboard!