For Designers That

Love To Design

& Hate To Code

Websites shown designed by Wayfarer
& developed by Sweet Horizon

We are now offering our development services to designers looking to outsource the more technical side of their design process

The Process


Reach out as soon as you have a web design project that you know you’d like to outsource all coding & development.


We’ll have a meeting to discuss the scope and scale of work required to turn your design into a functioning, stunning website.


Timeline & pricing will be agreed upon with the assumption that if your designing portion of work with your client takes longer than expected you’ll let us know ASAP so that we keep availability on our calendar.


Once desktop & mobile designs have been approved by the client, all mockups and content necessary for the build to take place will be sent to us in a timely manner so that we can begin constructing the website.


When coding and testing have been completed for your project we will share access to the demo site for you and the client to look over, make revisions, and give final approval.


Upon final approval, we will install the finished build on the client’s site and publish whenever the client is ready to launch. Video walkthroughs of how to keep the website updated can be provided to the client if requested.

A great website should:

Function on any size screen

Be easy to update and maintain

Have great user experience for readers & customers

Easily navigate between sections & pages

Retain design & cohesive brand style throughout

We code all of our websites to the best of our ability with the most current additions of HTML, CSS, PHP, Liquid, & JavaScript. We also test all of our websites on Chrome & Safari for computers, tablets, and phones. Whatever your design calls for, we have you covered.

Space on our calendar is limited

Due to the nature and timeframe of development work, as well as our own design projects that we take on during the year, we only have availability to work consistently with a select number of designers. If this is a service you are interested in, please contact us ASAP to see our availability for your project.