Postmark Theme


Premium Block Theme / Built for WordPress 6.0 and later

Postmark is one of our WordPress themes to work effortlessly with the new Full Site Editor. It’s never been easier for you to customize your theme with your typography, color palette, and page structure to create a site to LOOKS one-of-a-kind at a fraction of the time and price.

What you’ll receive

14 Custom Page Templates

Home Page Design A, B, + C
About Page Design A, B, + C
Default Page Design
Category Design A, B, + C
Blog Post Design A, B, + C
404 Page Design

42 Custom Block Patterns

Menu Design
Footer Design
404 Block Design
Intro Design A, B, + C
Featured Categories A, B, + C
Bio Design A, B, + C
Sub-Category Menu Design A, B, + C
About Design A, B, + C
Blog Post Slider Design A, B, + C
Favorite Links Design A, B, + C
Contact Design A, B, + C
Related Posts Design A, B, + C

Built for Full Site Editor

Built for Full Site Editor

Seamlessly change colors and fonts across your entire site

We’ve built Craft to work effortlessly with the new WordPress Full Site Editor. Using the Style panel you can change your fonts and color palette and watch your theme update immediately. Add google fonts and premium themes at no extra cost.

Design a Unique Site

Design a Unique Site

Build out pages with custom patterns

Every section of this theme is built as a custom pattern that you can simply drag and drop onto a page. When adding a pattern, use the drop down to select SHS Patterns, scroll through all our patterns, and add your favorites to build out a truly custom looking page.

Get us to Customize your theme

Get Us To Customize

DIY Not your thing?

If you are nervous about setting up your new site, or you don’t have the time to devote a lot of attention to fully customizing your new theme, we’ll do all the hard work for you! Once you’ve purchased your theme simply reach out to us and we’ll handle the rest!

Launch in Days

No. 01

Setup WP Hosting

We recommend Bluehost to host your WordPress website

No. 02

Purchase Otic

Once you’ve bought Otic you’ll get access immediately to the files to download

No. 03

Follow Video Guides

We’ve filmed video guides of Catryn setting up Otic to make setup smooth and simple

No. 04


Hire Us to Setup

If you don’t want to DIY, you can hire Catryn to setup Otic on your hosting with your branding & content

No. 05

Launch Your Website!

Pop the bubbly and tell the world because you have a brand new website!

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